Hey All,

I built my own work/welding table which I already shared in this forum.
I'm almost done my latest project, which is is a homemade pivoting chop saw stand with telescoping conveyor.

The following photo is where I got my initial idea - the plans were posted on the Internet.

I made several changes and improvements to suit my liking:
- Wider/heavier frame
- Swiveling platform for saw (instead of entire frame pivoting between arms and stand having to be specifically sized for saw)
- Easily removable telescoping arms and narrower storage width
- Tripod roller stands (allows independent use of stands without using extending arms)
- Expanded steel lower shelf (not done yet)
- Catch "basket" for when cutting small pieces
- Adjustable fence for repetitive cuts (not done yet)

What fun would this forum be without construction photos? So without further delay..