I started out in much the same way 5 or so years ago but had a worked as a pipefitter welder / vessel fabricator for food and pharma (pure water mainly) so had a very good understanding of stainless and the type of applications it's used in. I'ts nothing you can't lean with time and experience though so don't be put off!

When I went out on my own I bought a Dyn 200 and went knocking on doors of local sheetmetal shops - you'll be suprised at how many are always looking for welders for a few days to cover holidays/illness of just that their so far behind with their workload they need gettin outa the c**p!

They also get asked to do sitework and dont have the facilities to do it themselves so you might get some referals that way.

Like previous posts say, look professional - that goes for your kit as well, make sure your trucks clean ( cables wrapped up etc) everything you own / do/ say is a reflection of you - including the quality of your work.

above all make a point of leaving the jobsite cleaner than when you got there. You'll be remembered for it!!!