Hello all,

I'm currently working a temporary gig tig welding aluminum.

I'm pretty good at it, like it, etc. I still have a bunch to learn, but that will always be the case.

Anyway, I was thinking about the possibility of a part-time small business with just an Dynasty 200dx, and was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on that?

I envision being very portable with a small argon tank, as well as doing work in my garage. Pick-up and delivery will be offered as well.

I would advertise as speciality or high-tech, welding aluminum and stainless mainly. From the tiny bit of research I've done it seems that restaurants and medical businesses could be possible customers.

So how 'bout it? Do-able? Does anyone have any web links to similar businesses? Advice? I ran my own powder coating and abrasive blasting shop in the past, so I'm not green at the business thing.

Also, as my 'main' business will require a van and trailer, all the other odds and ends required are no problem. I'm also a tool guy and have a bunch. My thinking is the worst case scenerio is this: I'll have a great welder for personal use and 500 useless business cards.