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    Default Spectrum 375 Xtreme

    I am looking into getting the Spectrum 375 Xtreme and had a few questions for all of you. I have owned a couple miller welders in the past and have been very satisfied with the performance. I know they are top of the line welders and I want to stay with Miller for my plasma cutter as well. Would you guys recommend this welder? (Most of my stuff is 1/4" and below, however occasionally i do some 3/8 and 1/2 work.) Will this plasma cutter be enough? Also i noticed that in the specs it says rated at... quality.... and severe.... Each phrase is followed by a thickness in inches. I know they are referring to metal thickness but which one do i go by? Please let me know what all of you think. Thanks.

    Btw I am just a home hobbiest.
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    I have a spectrum 375 and it's great for the quick cuts on smaller steel, but when it comes to 3/8" steel you must cut pretty slow. I have a Hypotherm G3 1000 as well and I use it for the heavy stuff. It makes beautiful cuts on 1/2" steel. The 375 will struggle a bit on 3/8" and the cut quality isn't that great either. Just depends on how much big stuff you do compared to the price. I really like my 375... it has it's uses. It does have a narrow kerf as well... great for decorative work.

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    the 375 extream has gotten realy good reviews. i have the spec125-C and will be upgrading to the 375 when $$ alows it. the 125 has worked great for me for about 5 years or so now with no problems and nothing but all good to say for it.
    i will be getting the standerd 375 insted of the extream most likely as i think the longer torch is helpfull in some situations and its a lil cheaper than the extream. both have gotten great reviews and would be fine for your use.
    the ratings is set up to help you have an idea as to the cut quality at each thickness.
    rated means its ment to make a perfect cut at that thickness
    quality means you will still get a quality cut at 1/2"
    sever means it will cut it just not as prity at 5/8" so realy you can go by all the ratings. with most of your cutting in the 1/4" this looks like a perfect fit.
    thanks for the help
    hope i helped

    feel free to shoot me an e-mail direct i have time to chat.
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    Ive had the 375 extreme for about a year now, the ratings are pretty close, and since your a hobbyist you probbly wont mind a slower travel speed. Its really at home doing 1/4" and under and especially sheet work. I usually break out my small oxy-acet cutting torch for 1/2" as it will cut faster and cleaner. Overall its a great machine, I had the regular 375 and will never go back.

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    I do not yet have the 375x I like that its 110 or 220v I saw it demoed at my LWS running on 110 at the end of a 100ft. extension cord did a clen cut on 3/8! Of corse that was with a new tip and dry air.

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    Default how much air...

    How much air does it consume? Is it cost effective to have a separate dry air tank for the unit or will i be refilling it all the time? How much CFM does it need? How much cleaner and faster would the spectrum 625 be? I am not sure its worth the extra $$$ for my application.

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    cjdavis618 Guest


    I have the Hypertherm powermax 30 which appears to be the same as the Extreme 375.

    The hypertherm has Auto voltage but no interchageable plug. I have added a plug to my shop that is 220 for it, but I didn't change the plug so I can still use 110 also.

    I like the hypertherm, and I am certain that you will like the extreme. When I first got my powermax 30, I was using the 20 amp 110 circuit and zipping through 1/4" plate with no trouble. I really don't see how I did anything without it before.

    I do like the new nozzle and portability though.

    As for CFM for air, it requires 4.5 at 60+ psi. It will not operate below that. And make sure whatever you connect it to, there must be a filter on it for water and oil. It has one built in, but I have found that having a 2 stage filter will catch what the 1st will not. After all, the extra $40 in safety for a $1200+ peice of equipment is very affordable.

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