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i don't understand how this thread got so far out of wack.?? the guy didn't design it, nor is he the seller, he just welded it up and was showing off the job he did right. so who cares if it works or not ??
if some one wants to pay me to make a square peg for a round hole, if the check is good i'll let him try to make it fit. as long as my square peg is good and he likes it. its all good.

so nice welds, glad the project was good to ya.

You are 100% correct. I have done work that I and others considered worthless and/or lacking real value. However, I didn't defend it as if it were mine, calling people those who criticized it "sally's" among other less desirable entries. I just for GP's (and to make sure I wasn't off base or offendening anybody) had several people (about 17) fellow welders that don't frequent the boards and don't know my screen name check it out. all the guys that got back to me (about 11) said "XX & XX) appear to have problems with criticism and/or engaging in a rational discussion. Funny thing is I never said the tool was no good nor did I ever say the workmanship was not good. My comments were that: I think projects of perhaps more value to the average person to do a weekend project such as a welding table, cart etc. may be of more use here. Then I had to defend myself from there on out! And not once did I ever attack anybody or call them names!

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