It replaces the SWAT team tools. I took the constructive criticism with a grain of salt and that's ok. I just hate pessimism. I'll mention the liability stuff to them. I guess there will always be haters. One of the founders is a fulltime cop and SWAT team member while another is a fulltime sheriff's deputy and SWAT member and the third is an investor/lawyer. Like I said before, I am making some money off the first 100. It's been a fun jb but from here on out profits are theirs. I enjoyed making them and will be making some more prototypes for them soon. Dave
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Business is good. My shop isn't even done yet and I'm swamped with work.

Last time I talked with a swat team member, they didn't drive cruisers.

I also don't see how you can replace the camera, computer, shotgun, snare for animals, cones, flares, fire extinguisher and some first aid stuff or anything you mentioned with your boot. That's simply a fallacious response to what I said. Now if you wanted to mention all the stuff in the 60lb bag that this is going to replace, I would welcome that as a viable retort.

Please don't insult us by saying this replaces a lock pic set. It replaces a hammer and a step stool at 500x the cost. There's no regard for the property either. A responsible cop who isn't in hot pursuit (is anyone on foot in hot pursuit going to lug a 24# boot out of the trunk first?) would be better off choosing a more specialized tool for the array of uses your customers video depicts.

A shotgun will breech a door with more speed than your boot. And as you mentioned, they already have one in the car and it's not an ongoing expense either.

I think you're more into this thing than you'd like to admit. Did they pay you up front?