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Thread: 7018 root pass

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    i have a job in the near future which will involve filler and cap with these rods,to get some practice i tried root filler and cap the rods burnt well dc electrode neg. f/j
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    Obviously he knows a 6010 rod would be much more useful on an open root and when using 7018 a backing plate is normally used. I am currently taking my a level in bc and we are doing open roots single V bevel 4 inch pipe in 2g 5g and 6g all 9018 yes all 9018 ROOT to CAP 9018 and this is what me must use to pass test. I have been working on this for awhile and ive found running a 3/32 - 1/8 land and a 1/8 gap works best (open up that 3/32 gap) using 3/32 9018 electrodes.. you want electrode a little smaller than gap due to high amount of flux on 18 series rods switching to electrode negative will also help. for 5g shed 80 4" pipe i run about 70 amps DCEN with my arc force set high enough so it wont stick , roughly 60-65 and keep very tight arc if it keyholes it will not work out well for you, i also slighty rotate my hand back and forth to help burn flux away evenly. For overhead sections i use about a 30% drag to throw metal up there, vert your gunna want to be straight if not pushing up a bit and flat depending on fit up at shrinkage ect i drag about 10 %my test last week was a flat and overhead open root on 3/8s plate like yours with 12 coupons total and i managed to pass all bends and nick breaks

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