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i am also considering a HF compact bender which is on sale for $49.99 on the net right now and adding the scroller attachment...i know that the scroller takes a little work to get opperable but the SO one is out of my range for now but i was wondering if anyone had anything to say about the HF compact bender (pos or neg) any coments would be appreciated.

Thanks again and weld on ! Nick
I have one of those benders and its not bad for what it is. The scroll bender is designed to use 3/16 material and wont acsept any thing thicker and thinner material is dificult to use in the scrroll attachment. There is a slot that you put youre metal in and any thing over 3/16 wont fit and any thing under 3/16 slips out unless you shim it up. But it does a nice enough job on the 3/16.