hello, I am a new member and after reading the project board for about the last week to get ideas on my new table i thought i would join and ask for some.

I am building a 36"x27"x3/8" welding table with a fold up 12" extention on one end and 12" fold up cutting grate on the other (i have limited space so i want it to be somewhat colapsable.) it will also have a craftsman intermediate style tool chest mounted under the table top for storing tools and i was also considering a reciever style setup to accept a vice/bender or other misc. attachments that could be mounted to a plate and then slid in and removed to acomidate the job i would happen to be doing. (i got the reciever idea off of the message board) any sort of ideas or advice would be apreciated and i will try to get some pics posted of what i have so far.

thanks, Nick