Hello All

New to the site, not new to the shop. Built many highly customized machines before but my current project is a good one. Long story short I'm a Heavy Equipment Operator and I work in the shop fixing and fab'ing all sorts of fun stuff. A guy I work with seen my work and wants me to build a hydraulic scissor lift to raise his 80+ year old parents up and down in there house. I discussed several forms of how to do this he wont allow anything less than a hydraulic scissor lift. Due to nature of my profession, we have a rather well stocked yard. I salvaged a hydraulic power pack runs on 220 or 110 motor, tank, pump and electrics. Also steel is not so much of a problem. Anyways what I'm getting at is I crunched the numbers and drew it all up on AutoCAD 2000, but I've read some pretty intelligent stuff coming from lets say the "Age Experinced" (compared to me thats it, no offense!). Anyways anyone have any suggestions or design tips? Or even personal experince? Apparently my photos are to big to load, so when I figure how to put pictures up, there will be some good ones! Thanks