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    Default Dynasty 200DX stick on Honda EU2000i genny

    I have some light duty, outdoor, remote welding to do and the only available power source is a Honda EU2000i generator. I'm told I can expect about 12A continuous output from this generator at 115V.

    Anyone have any experience with the Dynasty 200DX on low current 115V stick applications? I'm thinking 3/32" 6013 rods...? Unfortunately I don't have access to the generator to do some testing in the shop. My gut tells me I don't have enough generator.


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    I think your guts telling you the right thing.

    According to my specs the Dynasty 200 requires 27.6A on 120v with an output of 90A (@23.6V, 100% Duty Cycle).

    The tig amp requirement is much less (20.7A to produce 100A @14V, !00% Duty Cycle)

    You need to locate a larger generator. Sorry.

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    Been a Honda generator dealer for 28 years.
    The EU2000 will not work. The protection circuit
    will prevent harm to the generator, not sure what
    the low voltage and amperage will do to the Miller.

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    Do you have a little 120v Wire feed?

    I've run my SP 135 Plus off of my Honda Eu 2000w

    16g to 1/8"

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    If you have a chance to pick up a 2nd genny, get one of these: Honda Generator EU2000i, Parallel Power Kit NEW-HPK2011 eBay Item number: 130206224020 and you'll be good to go. I have 2 of the EU2000i Honda generators, and just purchased one of these to have about 30 amps available, for our camping setup. Got a 5.5 gal fuel tank to feed them both, run time should be excellent, especially at less than full load. Good luck!

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    The low voltage won't hurt the machine. It will just shut down and give a HELP message. I have not used the dynasty in a stick mode on 115V but I have done Tig on 115V and if you can truely get 12A out of the generator, I would say try it. As long as the Generator can keep up with the initial surge needed at the start of the arc, you should be fine. Tig usually does not see that high of in-rush surge because you are starting at a lower amperage and pedaling up after the arc starts.
    So, if you can't hurt the welder or the generator, give it a shot and let us know.


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    EU2000s will usually get you about 17 amps initial
    ( as long as the eco throttle is off so unit is at top
    rpm). They are rated at and will give you 16.5 amps for
    about 30 minutes depending on ambient temp.
    13.3 for ever after.
    I was under the impression that you would need
    at least 20 amps for the welder on a stick start.
    You won't hurt the Honda trying it. Have somebody watch the
    overload light and see what happens.
    Dave P.

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