Hey guys, I'm starting my second project on stainless my first one was a pretty good success but I used 20g sheet metal and I don't have the ability to weld that yet one of the guys at DME had to go over it again in pulse to fix the damage I caused. Now I'm stating a stainless tool box which I will be doing myself with no help (other then the person who bent the sides I'm not allowed to use the press yet.) He also helped me with picking out the size etc. I'm going to be done of it hopefully early next week and at that point ill post pictures of both results. But could you explain to me how I can weld the 12g to 16g I realized id have to put most of the heat on the 12g (for the sides of the box) when I weld the joint I want to make sure I don't burn through it or warp it. I'm going to be trying welding a little and cooling it down with compressed air, I'm hoping that will solve my problem. any advice will be greatly appreciated I don't get to work on it again until monday which I'm really bummed on so I have the weekend to plan what I will be going through with doing. so thanks in advanced for the advice I will hopefully be getting.