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Thread: Price for argon

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    Default Argon

    My Argon costs $16.43 /100cf
    So my 280 CF tank costs $59.13 with tax and Haz mat fee.
    Key Largo, FL Mathesion Tri-Gas, Miami, and TX

    I maybe wrong but Argon is the 3rd gas in the AIR. At .0.93%. So it must take a while to extract it, hence the cost.


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    03-18-2008 09:49 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by Burnt hands View Post
    I paid $32 for my last 336 cu ft tank.
    2 months ago it cost $28 and I was a little upset but after seeing these prices, I am not complaining.
    Work in PA but my welding distributor (Superior Welding) is in Pennsauken, NJ.
    I don't pay haz mat fees and wonder if it might be because I own my tank which I bought from Superior about 33 years ago.
    I just swap it out for a filled one each time so I don't pay for a hydro.
    ************************************************** *********
    Just got another 336 cu ft tank 3 Oct 2011 and paid $36.00.

    Should mention that I have been going to this LWS since 1981 and even though they (Superior Welding ) has been purchased by another company, all of the staff has been kept and moved to another location.
    So, as FusionKing, Ultrachop and many other members have said, vote with your wallet and keep going to those LWD who work with you.
    Thermal Arc GTSW400, Airco Heliwelder II, Miller Dynasty 350, Hypertherm 1000, oxy-fuel setup, metal cutting bandsaw, air compressor, drill press, etc.:

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    Default argon

    If you're in the So. Cal. area, go see my cousins shop (Westair). They will hook you up!
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    Default Price for argon

    I live in Western Kentucky where you can go to breakfast and have eggs, bacon, hashbrowns, coffee for under 6 bucks. Then go to the LWS and get C25 for $33 (125 Cf).
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    125 @ plus 10% of 100 Ar 31.80 at Earl Beck
    80 of 100 Ar at Roberts 45.00

    simular on C25

    BIG difference around here

    in Wash DC area they (EB AG Roberts) will not fill cust owned bottles over 80.

    I own 3 Luxfer 125 aluminum bottles that are all rated plus 10% and just started running them through hydrotesting with Earl Beck. The guys love them. I always have either all 3 full here or one being filled.

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    Jeez I just filled up my Argon tank yesterday, 150CF for $136... Everything here is crazy expensive.
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    For my refills @ airgas

    125 100% argon $21.00
    125 75/25 argon/co $21.00
    300 75/25 argon/co $35.75

    And NO hasmat fees
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    I feel REALLY bad for those of you in HI. $300+ for just the gas!! That's insane!!

    I pay ~$45 per tank, 330cu/ft.

    A quick tip, fill as many bottles you can at once. They charge the hazmat per trip, not per bottle.

    There's also the time factor to load all of them in the truck and drive down there. Unless you're getting them delivered....

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    Default Price for argon

    Not my LWS, $12.50 ( haz mat ) flat fee per account / per month no matter how many tanks. The other LWS charges haz mat on everything in the store.

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    Default Airgas price increase

    Read in today's paper about a price increase from Airgas.

    Here is their statement.

    Glad I buy from an independent LWS.
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    Thermal Arc GTSW400, Airco Heliwelder II, Miller Dynasty 350, Hypertherm 1000, oxy-fuel setup, metal cutting bandsaw, air compressor, drill press, etc.:

    Call me the "Clouseau" of welding !

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