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    Quote Originally Posted by jake View Post
    static converters are more effecient at end result. .
    That confused me.

    I have a few years under my belt in industrial electrical work, too, and I've always thought that a rotary converter was more efficient, as it delivers a waveshape closer to 3-phase due to the generator effect of the idle motor.

    I'd appreciate it if you would elucidate me on the engineering, as I have apparently been misguided for a long time!

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    I ran a phase converter in my shop for 9 years, I ran a big grinder off of it and a 2500 LB. drill press.

    I built the converter from a 3 phase Y-wound motor. I paid $35.00 for the used motor and a little for the wiring and it worked great for a cheap price.

    In my current shop I have a static phase converter which I am running a small drill.

    Static converters run one machine while the Y- wound rotary converters will run multiple machines.

    If your looking for cheap you can send me your fax# and Ill draw you a diagram as to how to do it.

    The most user friendly is a static converter

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    I'll third the VFD , I have one on my Rockwell vertical mill . A VFD will also give you variable speed which is really nice , sure beat's changing belts . You need to get one that is specific to the horsepower of your electric motor[search ebay].

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