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    Default Grinders and cords

    To paraphrase on old saying: "There are only 2 kinds of grinder cords. Those that have been cut and those that will get cut."

    As careful as I try to be, sometimes that cord seems to find its way into the wheel. After the umpteenth time, I came up with this solution. Slip a piece of 1/2" flex conduit over the cord, as shown (I hope) in the attached pics. Problem solved.
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    Well thats no good, now it will just take longer to cut them?? Oh, wait i get it now

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    I have found that Home Depot and even Wal-mart has replacement cords that you can get and put on your grinders and other power tools
    for about $6 dollars . 8 feet long

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    Is this really an issue for people?

    I know cords get severed when stock falls on them, or the tool takes a dive off something, or a hot drop lands on it. But I have never wrapped my cord around the wheel.

    The issue I have with my angle grinder cords is that they get snarled when using different units switching back and fourth.

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    Does it make the whole thing heavier? I could see that messing with the weighting of the tool.

    Also how do you like the Makita? I've been pretty happy with mine but I haven't put it to too much use, yet.

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    I have a Makita that I have had for years and years and it still works great never even replaced the brushes .. it just keeps on going
    I strongly recamend it
    I have a Milwaukee that I have replaced the brushes on and its not nearly as old as the Makita.

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    Thumbs up

    I think it's an innovative idea. It would work really well where someone else might use your tools.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Richard View Post
    I have a Makita that I have had for years and years and it still works great never even replaced the brushes
    I have a 25 year old Black and Decker Wildcat that has the original cord.

    Cords and fingers are two things that I like to keep away fron the grinding wheel or bead brush

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    Default grindage

    i see somebodys been grinding aluminumumum
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    Never ground a cord , but it looks like a good idea.
    Have ground the side of a few index fingers before.
    Especially when you are cleaning something with MEK !!!
    I have been tased before, and I would rather be tased than get MEK or tolulene in a cut !!!!!!!!!

    BTW......Makita rules, dewalt drools........I have a small makita cordless drill
    that I use to sharpen my tungstens ( YOU KNOW , CHUCK THE TUNGSTEN IN THE DRILL AND GRIND IT ) , and that little $100 makita has less runout ( less than .003 @ 2.00 inches measured) than a $300 Dewalt 3 speed ( .060 @ 2.00 inches).

    If you're gonna go BLUE (Miller of course) , then go blue - all the way, with Makita , cause Miller doesn't make power tools, and its the next best thing!!!!!

    P.S. 5 Identical Dewalts were purchased at the same time, they all failed my Q.A. test.
    As have several other Dewalts............. Sorry to be so "Antidewaltishestablishmentarianistc", but I have yet to get one that was precise enough to use for metal. I guess they are good on wood and concrete though, because they will twist yer arm off, and thats where I give Dewalt credit. Brawn over brains all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Are their grinders worth having?
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