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    Never thought about that one.I'll have to check that out the next time an AL job comes up. I have seen the T.V. affected by my wife's sewing machine. The pitch of the speakers & the lines on the screen would change with the RPM of the sewing machine. VERY ANNOYING AS SHE ALWAYS SEEMED TO SEW DURING THE ''GOOD PART'' OF THE SHOW.

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    I've never had any complaints from the neighbors as far as interference and that stuff is concerned. I do have one neighbor that likes to piss and moan about the noise levels every time I fire up the old engine drive to do some small job in the driveway or garage (we still lack a plug for my machine, Grandma won't let me unplug the dryer every time I need to weld something). This same neighbor also used to ***** ever time I'd drive away in my old 79 Chevy with the straight-pipes. I used to drive by her house, stop at the stopsign, stomp it and squall the tires around the corner just to piss her off. I can see where the HF TIG might cause a problem, might want to check that out but other than that everything should be fine.
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    Great response,
    Thanks for the replies.

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    Most of the time when I fire up the welder the neighbors are attracted to the blue light like moths. They want somthing fixed! LOL
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    Gosh guys , this is all so true
    I have experienced some of these things and reading this sure made me laugh

    Thanks guys

    .......... Richard

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    Quote Originally Posted by fun4now View Post
    seems like we went over the arc flash distance equation a wile back and after 50ft it was not a problem. i could be wrong here as its been a wile. maybe some one knows for shore, but its a degenerative thing as distance reduces its intensity or efect on the eye.
    Obviously, you've never been to Honolulu. When average lot sizes are 5,000 SF or less, your neighbors are much closer to you than 50 ft. In fact, you'd be lucky if your yard was 50 ft wide.

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    nope never been there, my nearest neighbor is lucky to be less then 5,000 ft. LOL
    i'm on 3 acres well a little over that, then its a lot of hay fields and cow pastures long before you get to another house.
    thanks for the help
    hope i helped

    feel free to shoot me an e-mail direct i have time to chat.
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    Yeah same here, it would take a leaky aluminum foundry to piss off my neighbors.
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