Hi Guys

I'm a newbie to mig welding. However, I've done elec./tig for some 16yrs. But unfortunatly, I never needed to mig weld. I bought a Millermatic135.
So here I am.

I'm about to take the challenge an restore my ' 66 Mustang Convert.

Here's what I've been reading about and is this the right way to
mig weld a joint.

1st. Clean the metal and spray with Weld-thru coating.
2nd. Tac at different places before I lay-down a continous bead.
3rd. After the joint is sealed spray with an rust converter.
4th. Cover entire weld with seam sealer.
5th. Spray with an primer/ etching primer.

Is that the steps I should do as I prepare to weld a joint together?

If I missed anything please don't hesitate to help me out and direct me
to the correct steps.

Thank you
GOD Bless