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Hey Bert, thanks for the reply.

My Miller Passport says it only needs a 20 amps 230. I bought the generator just to power my welder if I need to weld out in the field on one of my dump trucks. Some of these guys on this post say there 20 amp 240 plug on their generators run their 220 passport with no issues. Now I am confused.....

What do they mean by 230 volt, 15 amp min on a individual branch circuit. Wouldn't the generators 240 volt, 20 amp plug be a individual circuit?

* A 120 volt, 20 amp (min.)
- 30 amp recommended or 230 volt, 15 amp (min.) individual branch circuit
my bad... I guess it's that VxA=WATTS thing...More voltage you have means less amps you need...By your 1st post, if the manual says input power needs 230v at 15amps, and your generator gives 20amps on 220v, then you should be fine...sorry I read too fast last night