I have an auto tig welder I set up that consists of a cold wire feeder, welder & positioner. I have the torch mounted on a gadget and all my controls are remotly handy. I am looking for a way to make the vertical movement of the torch aotomatic. I have to keep adjusting it as the contour changes with a prescision slide that holds the torch. Like a auto torch hieght that maintains the arc volts and adjusts the torch height to follow the contour of the part. The parts I weld are not flat, that's why I weld build them. They get machined after weld. I know jetline has one but it looks like way more than I need.

PlasmaCam has it on their cnc plasma table and the whole unit is around 10K. I'm even thinking about getting that and mounting my tig torch to that.

Is it possible to mount a stepper motor that reads the volts from the welder and can maintain the torch height?

Do any of you work with auto tig set ups?