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    Jun 2009
    las vegas


    I build custom fences and heavy equip field repair. Im currently finishing law shool. Learned at home and from various shops over the years.
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    Feb 2013


    Stay-at-home dad...needed something small welded about 7 yrs ago and took it to a local place, which IMO charged me way too much...again needed something welded 6 months later so I bought a welder, did some research and did it myself.Been screw'in around ever since make'in whatever and fix'in whatever for myself, friends and family...started night school in Sept to learn TIG and Stick and improve my MIG...making exhausts and backrests for motorcycles and 1 1/2' statues for friends and family
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    Oct 2009
    Reno, NV


    Retired Army officer (Aviation Branch) and retired corporate bizjet pilot. Now that I am retired, I have had time to go to school to learn how to stick, MIG and TIG weld (well somewhat, welds are pretty strong, but not as pretty as some...especially the TIG!!). Mostly I wanted to learn to do it so I can MAKE MY OWN stuff...the way I want it, when I want it and NOT pay someone a fortune to do it and then I don't get the satisfaction of having done it myself. Seems like there is ALWAYS something that needs fixed or made around here.....! I also learned how to do some machine work and now can I fix/make things with my saws, lathes and drill presses....REALLY WANT a milling machine, but don't have the bucks!! Seems like if a guy can weld and use a lathe and a milling machine, just about anything can be made!!
    Don J
    Reno, NV

    Never pick a fight with an old guy. Old guys are too smart to fight and get hurt. They'll just kill you and get it over with.

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    Sep 2009
    South Carolina


    Manufacturing Lead for a Hydraulics Company.

    Worked in a cotton mill most all my life until the jobs went away.
    Two years Air Force and 10 yrs Air National Guard.

    Took a year of welding at a Tech Collage in the mid 80's, stick only. Learned to Tig at a buds prop shop for longer than I can remember. Almost 30 years later I finally tried Mig. Had to buy my own machine to do so and glad I did.

    Just one little welding job a week can keep me happy. If I don't weld something every week, some sort of anxiety and depression starts to set in. Even tho most jobs I get are a pain in the azzzz.

    There must be some kind of (Nobody else wants it list) so they bring it to me. But I like to get those who say they have been told it can't be welded.

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