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    Quote Originally Posted by hankj View Post
    No job. Retired. Don't "work" anymore!

    My hobbies are searching for the perfect brew-pub, fishing, cooking, wood and metal work, and the "happiness of pursuit".

    My dad keeps syaing he will never retire, but he looks foward to his future job of cashing cheques for the government.
    Dynasty 200DX, first generation
    Makita 5" grinder
    Makita 14" abrasive saw
    IR SS5L compressor
    Whole bunch of hand/air tools.
    and a wish list a mile long

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    I am a technician [mechanic] by trade. Learned to weld when I was a teen from my dad who had a small equipment repair shop[still does]. Been a mechanic for 25 years mostly on electric utility/aerial fleet equipment. Been to several welding classes over the years on a couple different process's. Learned TIG [still learning] on my own. Currently am a shop foreman with 10 mechanics and 450 vehicles to maintain and have worked here for 20 yrs. Have done quit a bit of field welding and fabricating in the repair of construction equipment. Also have small side business where I do mostly TIG aluminum work but some trailer repairs as well. Which I plan to mess with when I retire.

    ps: I also was in the Marine Corps for 4 yrs, you can say what you want, I didn't like the gas chamber, but it won't kill you. If you like snot all down your face, you'll love it
    Good luck in the Navy
    HMW [Heavy Metal welding]

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    Default what is your job?

    Hello, and here is the low done on my job, at present time I'm working for a aluminum truck body manuf in lower Michigan as the alu-tig welder, before this I was the top alu-tig welder for Haulmark trailers in Bristol,Ind(previous post-what would you do) building such items as race products,cabinets,pit-pals,alu-ramps,alu-hoist, pretty much any thing that had to do with racing ind I built it for top notch race teams, and before that I was leadwelder at another trailer comp were we built lumber dumpers and truss roll-off for Wicks and other construction companys.

    I have no formal training othe then self taught by trial & error and of course some wise old timers along the way and a few books now and then just for referance perps, I have been in the welding trade for over 20yrs, origanlly started as a fill in for hitch product company out of MI back in 86 and I just went from there with the willingness to learn as much as possabile to try to do the best to my teachings.

    As for now also I'm setting up my own shop for doing custom welding and building trailers and race products for different customers along with farm repairs in the area for our Amish friends.

    So that kind of sums it up in a nut shell about my job as for right now but like we say here in Mi wait 5min and it might change for the right amount of money any other questions or intrest in what I weld for fun u can shoot me a line.

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    Been welding for 22 yrs now.
    Journeyman Red-Seal welder, B-Pressure ticket,CWB all position stick.lots of Mig,Tig,Gouging,Fitting,Rigging,etc...
    started out in a culvert plant as the mill operator.
    Worked in a pulp mill doing maitenance for both pipeing and electrical welding.
    then moved on to steel and aluminum truck bodies and tool boxes.
    worked for a machine shop doing build up,equipment repairs,line boring,etc...
    have now been working out of a mobile shop doing everything from A-Z.

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    Default Your Job

    I Have Been Welding For Some 30 Some Yrs Have Done Mig Tig Stick On Lots Of Things Like A Commercial Washer And Dryer A Paint Line Dryer Rail Cars Jigs And Fixtures To Mass Produce ...
    Airport Jetways Helicopter Shipping Skids Repaired Machinery Of All Kinds Do Some Machine Shop I Consider Myself A Welder /fabricator I Have Been Blessed With Imagination And Abilities To Do Lots Of Things At This Time I Am Working Fulltime And Also Have A Shop On The Side

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    i am a sheet metal fabricator for hvac. i weld from 20ga to 16ga black iron and galvanized duct and fittings it is all mig welded i tig also at home for side work
    miller 330 abp
    everlast 225lx
    airco 250a tig
    hobart handler 125 mig
    o/a torches

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    Quote Originally Posted by bryce_burden View Post
    I currently work for an outfit called CB Fabrications out of Woodward, OK. It's just a small business that a friend of mine and I started. We build and maintain various agricultural supplies (hay feeders, gates, fences, machinery repair, etc.). We also build various truck accessories (headache racks, tailgates, etc.). We just got our portable unit (Lincoln SA200 on an 84 Ford) goin so we can do some work outside of the shop. I'll try to post some pictures of our work when I get to my house and have access to them

    On July 11th, I ship out to Great Lakes, IL with the U.S. Navy to train to be a welder, so I'll get my official training there.

    I race with a guy from Woodward, manges an O'reilly's I think.

    Myself? I'm just a dumbass Electrician....But it pays for my slightly more fun than work hobby..

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    near rochester NY

    Default disabled

    built houses for about 20 years - my time with U.S.Army. got broken on the job,(disabled now) screwed by the insurance people. and now i play in my shop to keep from going nuts. do some artsy fartsy stuff and build whats needed to keep the house from falling in. going to try to get a small welding shop up and ruining this summer now that i have TIG and can do aluminum.

    one word of advice to those planing to retire.
    get some tools and a shop before ya do. sitting in the house with nothing to do but talk to the wife will drive ya NUTS. so get some toys and a place out of the house to play with them.
    thanks for the help
    hope i helped

    feel free to shoot me an e-mail direct i have time to chat.
    summer is here, plant a tree. if you don't have space or time to plant one sponsor some one else to plant one for you. a tree is an investment in our planet, help it out.

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    I am an aircraft mechanic for Fedex in Memphis. Spent some time in Mobile Alabama. Spent a lot of time in the desert with the Air Force. I would like to get out of aviation and go to the coast and tig-weld aluminum at marinas for a living. Common sense suggests staying put.
    Webb's Welding and Repair LLC
    MM210 w/a 3035 spoolgun
    Syncrowave 250
    Spectrum 625
    Trialbazer 302 w/HF

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    I'm a welding engineering tech. (went to sait in calgary), and i'm currently doing quailty control work at a induction bending/induction heat treating/chromium carbide overlay shop in calgary, my duties range from checking measurements on welded spools to verifing the hardness levels on our induction hardened pipe, to also verifing the welding parameters on the overlay machines, and checking the microstructure of the overlay to make sure the operators aren't getting outside of the ranges to badly.

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