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    I went to VoTech school while in high school. my welding jobs were varied, starting as a helper on a natural gas pipeline, then welding on the pipeline. After that I was a production line welder for Theuer and Fruehauf. I went into the Navy in '84, not as a HT, but as a Boiler Tech. I have been a civilian marine engineer since 1992, and I weld on many different things onboard ship.

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    Quote Originally Posted by miweldmi View Post
    Don't sweat boot camp, let them break you because they won't stop till they do. When you go to the gas chamber don't rub your eyes or touch your face when you come out.

    hahaha, they wont break him, they may teach him to Iron though, just kidding, just a Marine giving a future sailor boy a good ribbing. Ive been to the gas chamber so many times, Ive gotten used to it to the point that I go in without a mask on. Freaks out the new Marines, because the CS is like a fine hot sauce, and I have been known to lick my cammies when exiting the chamber. I got to admit the first time I got gassed it was a doosy, because some bozo panicked dropped his mask, and then grabbed mine off my face. As soon as he dawned and cleared his mask he was greeted with a middle finger. The drill seargents thrashed him, serve's him right.

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    Default What I do....Hmmmmmm

    I am an ammonia refrigeration technician and "other duties as assigned".

    I received my welding training primarily at WSOHK. The only other class I've taken was at the Construction Education Foundation where I teach HVAC advanced courses.

    Ammonia refrigeration tech
    Trailblazer 302 (yes, it's new)
    Millermatic 180 w/Autoset
    HF-15 High frequency
    XR15 w/Push-Pull Gun
    Victor O/A, DeWalt, North mask

    "A professional knows what to do. A craftsman knows why."

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    Software Engineer.

    Interesting that miweldmi is also a computer science major, and is going to school just down the road from where I work (assuming he is in Ann Arbor).

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    Southern Northerner, East of MiddleWest

    Default I actually work in Dexter.

    I go to U of M Dearborn because U of M Ann Arbor does not have night classes for the masters courses I need.

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    I'm an Airframe Mechanic for the USCG. I have mostly worked on the rotary wing side my whole enlistment. I also build and race circle track Stockcars as a hobby. I've got an AWS Cert. also. The USCG paid for it all. I do a lot of TIG on aluminum and stainless. We tinker with a little MAG here and there but it's a pain.

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    Quote Originally Posted by welderman23 View Post
    cant wait see the pics

    i think its great that we got more rednecks joining up
    i was in a department on the navy ....the mens department

    soo... with you going into the slippery sevice, does that mean your buddy at CB fabrications will have an opening????
    You know, I'm not sure what Larry's gonna do when I leave, we haven't really discussed that much, been to busy getting jobs done as well as getting our welding rig set up and our salvaging rig (my 80 Ford) up and running again. He may try to keep the operation running while I'm gone by himself, or he may get another one of our buddies to help him run it. Sometimes I wish I had another helper as I do most of the fabrication work myself with Larry holding pieces, bringin me more rod, and constantly givin me **** about somethin or another. Despite leaving my business and a couple of my best friends behind, I'm ready to leave on the 11th. I want to get out and see the world, I'm tired of seein nothin but cows and oil wells here in the armpit of Oklahoma. I'm still not around my company computer so can't post pics but will get them soon.
    At Home
    Miller Thunderbolt XL AC/DC
    Performance Tools 6" Bench Grinder
    Craftsman Hand Tools
    Craftsman Cordless Drills

    DeWalt Angle Grinder
    1976 AMC Jeep CJ7
    1980 Ford F150 Custom
    1994 Chevrolet Silverado C1500

    At Work
    Miller Bobcat 250
    2 Miller MM251s
    2 Miller MM252s
    Miller Dialarc 250 AC/DC

    Lincoln Idealarc 250 AC/DC
    Snap-On Flux Core Welding Machine

    Hypertherm Plasma Cutter
    Victor Torches

    2006 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD 4x4

    Proud American Ham KE5TJA

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    I"m a Process Systems Technician for a major book distribution center. I handle the routing, barcode scanners, and order picking equipment. I got into welding so that I could build an engine stand for single cylinder engines. I never did finish it, it's still sitting here, but since then I've started and finished several projects and repairs on equipment/vehicles. It is a butload of fun to see what can be done with a few simple tools and ideas.

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    Ha thats funny, but I'm also a Software Engineer.

    I've been wanting to learn to weld for a while just because I like to wrench on cars and do a lot of stuff around the house and yard. I always saw the usefulness of it. I finally got a MM180 for xmas and have been doing some of the projects I've had in my head for a while.
    Millermatic 180 Auto Set

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    IT Manager,
    Welding helps me relax and gets me away from pc's
    Millermatic 210

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