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    Default Opinions on the new Format

    Just looking for opinions on the new format. Kinda wish they had left it alone or merge it all into one. I can tell want I want to read or reply to. If not just pass it by. Hope we don't get it as complicated as a tax form. Just my 2 cents.Jump through hoops all day long to keep customers happy & that's fine but I want this board for relaxation,learning & helping if I can, but not if I gotta chase all over hells half acre to do it.

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    Myself I don't see any difference from before 'cause I was enrolled in both and went from one to the other all the time.
    It will only change when the Motorsports gets going.
    Other than maybe both crowds tending to mix it up a little more now.
    Mainly it's just easier to moderate and less confusing for newbies.
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    I dont mean to sound stupid but I do not see any change in the board. The only thing I did see was Motorsports and Gearhead listed under Industries & Interests. Everything else is still the same old board, of course I am only enrolled in the welding board and not the Motorsports.

    What else is there besides welding and riding. Besides that

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    Default Just a start?

    A little different in that they now have a "discussion" board. Not sure but it may be a result of all us yapping on non project subjects a good deal of the time. Perhaps Miller is pointing us yappers to the "discussion" board to do just that in hopes the project board will be a project board. When they first announced changes to the board I was a tad concerned it would end up like the Hobart boards which if you haven't been there is a complete cluster &$%# and your better off not going there at all. So with that said, maybe Miller needs a pat on the back for giving all us yappers a place to yap..??

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