First off, I am new to welding so I am still very much in a learning process.
I am in the market to buy a welder and have looked at several models and am having trouble deciding. I will need something that will handle light jobs and the occasional big ones. I am looking to build a Car Hauler (not enclosed). I believe I will need to use 1/4" steel to accomplish this. Also will be doing body repairs. So here is the problem, I am limited on funds to begin with but also limited to 120v power.
Would I be able to weld 1/4" steel with the smaller unit (like the millermatic 140) and still have a reliable weld or would I be wasting my time? I have also looked at the hobart 140 and the Clarke 130EN. Both Hobart & clarke say's that those units will handle 1/4" with multiple passes. I have heard of Hobart but not clarke (other than for power tools). Any advise?

PS. I like the millermatic 140 & millermatic DVI. But like I said price is a problem.