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Thread: Merged Boards

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    Thumbs up Merged Boards

    Welcome back!

    The boards have been successfully merged, although there are a few little things we are fixing. The Motorsports board was merged into the Projects board, so there are still residual things to fix as far as the message board title, etc. We hope to have most of these issues cleaned up this week.

    Please let me know if you need any help as far as logging in, etc.

    Andy told me he's got some good stuff to post, so stay tuned!

    Thank you!

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    Thumbs up Congrats everyone

    so to celebrate the successfull merging of the forums will any of the members be receiving free gooddies from miller??
    hat Reminds me.. i still haven't recieved the calender yet, maybe it got lost on it's way over the border

    I look forward to seeing just how much more this forum will grow/expand and hope that it's members continue to provide knowledgeable answers, intersting stories and projects and positive support

    Keep up the good work everyone!!
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    A couple of things I've noticed: It looks like the Motorsports forum is now the default. In order to search for new posts on all three forums, you need to click on "Miller Message Board", or select "Search Forums" from the navigation drop-down to see ALL new posts.

    I lost my post count, too, but that is really not a biggie.

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    Appleton, WI

    Default Forum changes

    Yes, like you say, however you get into the boards, it seems like you are in the only board there is (like it is a default) I've asked our Web partners if there might be an easier way to "toggle" between the categories.

    Post count should be reinstated now?

    Thanks for your comments!

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