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    Default Bob's shop critter.

    Thought a few of you might get a kick out of my shop dog/critter project. The other item is my first TIG only project. A good friend of the family recently had a heart attack, so I took it upon myself to whip up a less wimpy heart for our buddy. Bigger valves, better pump, better plumbing... Those valves are TIG'd to the little bolt heads, that was tricky.
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    The heart. It was fun and "artsy". He's a "car guy" so it was the obvious way to go.

    He gets home from Surgery on Friday, I'm gonna give it to him then. To late for an install now... DANG THE BAD LUCK!

    My first all TIG project. Been MIG'n it for years. Kinda fun.
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    Did you guess the breed of the dog?

    It's a "springer"...

    I found some smaller coils, gonna make some "pups". That spring was a BEAR to weld to, rubber coated or something, and I couldn't get it off in the sand blaster. Oil coated old engine parts are miserable to weld together.

    and I'm gonna be honest here, when I had the dog flipped on his back and i was welding him up in the crotch and leg area, I kinda felt like a pervert... It was just "wrong" in a so many new ways...

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    SPEECHLESS!!!!!!!!!that is WAY too cool!!!!!!!!!!!! I know he's going to LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I'm not late...
    I'm just on Hawaiian Time

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    I was thinking the heart was something to make the dog move? also would you be able to explain to me how it works

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    Quote Originally Posted by youngwelder_154 View Post
    I was thinking the heart was something to make the dog move? also would you be able to explain to me how it works
    No problemo... the chain which is contacted to your cerebral cortex rotates the pump filter, pushing the valves up and down in your arteries. The major pump return arteries probably would hook up with like a hose clamp...


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