Hi all,
I just found the forums yesterday. Looks like a great site.

I just bought the Millermatic 180 and thought I had my shop ready to go with the right power requirements. Not so. I have a 220 line ran on a double 20amp breaker thatís about 10-12 feet from the box. Itís run with NM 12/2 wire with the wrong type outlet.

For fear of burning it up or just not being able to support the draw of the welder.

My question is this. Should I re-run a heavier wire with a larger breaker? Something like a #8 wire with a 30amp or even a 50amp breaker with a #6 wire? Iíll also need to install the right outlet for the welder (the name alludes me at the moment).

Spec Requirements:
1-Phase, 230V, 21.7Amp, 60Hz

Thanks in advance for the help/guidance.