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Thread: Big Tig welding

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    Thumbs up Big Tig welding

    Thought I would share the work I picked up this week as it is a little out of the ordinary for me. I have done this kind of work but it usually only comes up maybe a half a dozen times a year. The pics are of pieces that are related to the aviation work I do. They are a mix of thick steel and aluminum parts and call for 1/4" fillets and/or V-groove fills.

    The first pic is of an assembly after final welding. It is clamped to a small surface plate while it is cooling. It was clamped this way for the initial welding, and then clamped again to cool after heating the backside (in order to minimize warpage). The second pic is a weld close-up of that same part. The third pic is of two separate assemblies that hold, and support, a larger axle assembly for an engine transmission. They have the first pass completed and are cooling in preparation for the final pass.

    The last two pics are of the aluminum assemblies. In the first one, the part on the left is set up to show what it will look like after welding. The pieces to the right are the same thing only a mirror image. The last pic is an assembly that gets 4 equally spaced two inch fillets on the top and bottom. All this is being done to print spec. using my 300DX and my Precision Tig 275. Thanks for looking
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