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    May 2007

    Default Uhhh Wimmin Listening......Oh Ho Ho Ho..... fairy stories.

    Uhhh Wimmin Listening......Oh Ho Ho Ho..... fairy stories.

    It's taken 3 years of hard work to get mine to dance on the end of her leash when I wind the organ handle.

    But what the ****, she works for peanuts.

    Seriously tho.. I am "encouraging" mine to do a basic welding certificate at the local Industrial College. (TAFE - Technical and Further Education - in Australia).

    On one hand she is really clever and picks up ideas and techniques so fast... but on the other side she is FN NON ambitious and a supreme excuse maker...

    A few more years and a few more peanuts.....


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    ****inson ND

    Thumbs down

    Do you look down on women or somthing? This isn't the only thread you've dissed your girl freind.

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