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    Wink custom computer table

    Hi all i'm new here at the miller forum
    I though i would share a project with you all i am
    still doing I have changed my computer room around with the aid
    of a SYNCROWAVE 250 DX and scrap aluminum I work for a major
    truck crash repair company here in Australia
    So I had ready access to the scrap everything in the desk is aluminum
    here are some pics

    the desktop is painted monza blue metalic 3 coats colour 3 coats clear all aluminum is hand polished
    still to come is a shelf 18" wide with custom made supports out of 1/4" and 3/8 "aluminum solid round bar in the shape of a web still working on these
    cheers guys

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    Sep 2005

    Thumbs up Looks

    Looks good from uphere....
    And the price is right.
    Nice work.

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    Sep 2005


    the ultimate in recycling!! good job!

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    Sep 2005
    fort wayne


    nice aluminum welds!! most people i know tear aluminum into swiss cheez.
    nothing is better than to see someone get there finger cut off the frist day

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    Quote Originally Posted by TIGcheez
    nice aluminum welds!! most people i know tear aluminum into swiss cheez.
    thanks TIGcheez 99 percent of my tig welding at work is aluminum any thing from repairing fuel tanks and rewelding the end in to repairing truck cabs and any other aluminum part on trucks or trailers

    glad you guys liked the table once I get the rest done I'll post some more pics

    cheers all

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