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    Default Miller Dialarc 250 HF no arc, no gas flow. Newbie. Help!


    Just purchased a Miller Dialarc 250 HF, remote pedal, liquid cooled.
    It is very clean and was not used for production. The owner was an auto hobbyist and bought it new.
    Unfotunately I did not get to weld with it before I bought it.

    Here's the issue.
    Plug it in, turn it on, coolant pump runs. Hit the pedal with the torch pointed at a grounded piece af metal, no arc and no gas flow.

    Validated that the gas meter is good by removing the hose @ the meter and opening the valve and adjusting the pressure.

    Found the torch lines to be clogged with goo from auto coolant gone bad. The torch power cable was corroded to point of no contact as well.
    Replaced the torch and lines with new... Didn't fix...

    Tested the pedal with an ohm meter (fluke) and the control resistance changed from off to on. The amperage resistance seemed to sweep as I would think that it should. Not sure about the amperage, don't know the values.

    New to the sport of TIG welding and need to this machine up. Have 250 ft of 1.5" .120 wall that I need to make a street rod chassis out of to get good.

    Proper diagnosis techniques are a must as I do not want to throw parts at this machine until something sticks...

    Any insight would be appreciated.


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    Oct 2004
    Edmonton, Alberta


    Pedal test

    A to B is the on/off

    C to D is 1Kohm
    C to E is around 4 ohms pedal depressed

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    Oct 2004
    Edmonton, Alberta


    As for the machine, what power have you got it connected to and are the jumpers set correctly.

    And one does not simply learn how to tig, without knowing the basics.

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