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    Quote Originally Posted by KB Fabrications View Post
    It removes the frost from the tip of the tungsten and allows for a positive start. Since the frosting is the likely culprit of the poor start, it makes sense that removing a bit of it on the tip would help.
    Ah, got you. So do it on the work but not on the area about to be welded.


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    When mine doesn't start, I mess with the ground to get a good connection to the part.
    I made my ground on my new MM251 with a hose clamp and a vice grip. Learned that from an old timer, and works great! I don't like the ones from the store. Gonna do that to my 200 tomorrow...
    I'm not late...
    I'm just on Hawaiian Time

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sundown View Post
    Orange woud be 2% Ceriated and that should be the easist to start. For .080 aluminum I would set the max amps to no more than 100, most likely 90 to start, Balance on 70 and freq on 120. I would switch to 1/16" (3/32" should work also) tungsten and taper it to 30 degrees with a .010 flat on the tip. Be very sure you have a good ground. When I first got my Dynasty it would sometimes do the same thing, I removed the cover and ran a very clean .009 feeler thru the points and have had no trouble since. Just stuff to try, let us know if you work it out.
    Where are the points located inside the cover? I removed it but didnt find the points

    Thank you very much

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