With all the welding going here, someone has to have figured out paint by now and I need some help with selecting the right paint for my latest project.

Iíve just about completed my gate entrance. Itís basically an oilfield pipe rail fence. Iíve got the prep work down Ė Iíll sandblast it with my 350lb Schmidt run by my 175cfm Ingersoll-Rand air compressor. But selecting paint has always given me fits.

For my last couple of trailer projects, Iíve purchased ďNasonĒ brand single stage enamel paint. I believe itís made by Dupont and uses your typical automotive hardner and reducer. It runs me $125 a gallon (including the hardner and some reducer), but is an excellent paint that stands up to UV rays and is comparative to automotive paint.

For indoor projects, Iíll use whatever cheap enamel paint I can find. Rustoleum, Anchor, or if Iím painting it CAT yellow, Iíll get the paint from the local CAT dealer (~$30/gal).

Back to the gate entrance - I want something comparative to a good automotive paint that will give me a good 10+ years. I also want to get it in a ďchassis blackĒ which is similar to satin or about a 30% gloss. Itís going to take about 3 gallons or so to paint this thing and at $125 a gallon, it will eat my budget.

Iím leaning towards going to my local Kelly Moore or Sherman Williams and see what I can get there. Does anyone have any suggestions for me?