Think about it for a minute. Pick any field of endeavor you are familiar with.

When ONE person, claims SOLE possession of THE REAL TRUTH, and every other company or individual in that large, mature field is stupid, wrong, and wasting millions of $$$......maybe it should send a large flag up.

Welding in the US, has been studied, time & motion studied, ndt tested, destructively tested, Xrayed, shook, cyclically tested, cost compared, efficiency tested, price tested, to the Nth degree. For over 100 years.

We went to the moon 45 years ago for crying out loud, built nuclear submarines, supersonic bombers, the safest high rise buildings, bridges, boilers, pipelines, tricycles, mountain bikes, top fuel dragsters, combines and tractors. The industry has a pretty decent handle on producing suitable welds for harsh service.

Yet, only this one obscure man has the real answer. Crying in the wilderness because multi billion $ companies just love to waste money, and won't listen to "him".

If dear old ed really was the sole human with "THE" answer, he would not have a website obnoxiously hawking his expertise, he'd be sipping lemonade on a veranda and trying to decide which of his ocean front houses he wanted to spend this summer in.

Yet, the vast welding world continues on. With really good end result.