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I agree with flukecej's post, Some of what Ed says makes sense. His web design maybe isn't the best but there is some good reading on it.
Education is the key with all trades, the more you learn the better you'll be. Some guys want to learn and want to continue to improve while some guys don't. We had a young guy at work that just started migging aluminum about 3 months ago, he'd been having problems and our incompetant foreman hasn't been able to help him. I happened to use his machine (Invision™ 350 MPa) or I should say tried to use his machine last week only to discover something was terribly wrong. Flipped the panel open and to my horror he's been welding with a steel program! Pushed a couple of buttons and no more problems for anyone!
Hmm maybe I should ask for a raise... saved hiring Ed to fix our problems!
That's funny. Without shop class in local schools anymore it's only gonna get worse. New school machines and old school weldors