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    Default Hybrid Workbench

    To me, blending woodworking and metalworking allows a better project. I used my Miller Thunderbolt AC/DC to weld a 10' by 30" metal framework of 3X3 tubing with 1/4" wall thickness. Added support framework for storage shelving is welded between the wheelbase using 2X2 angle iron 1/4" thick. With a metal framework, the span below the workbench tops is extremely open and allows much more unobstructed storage. 1-1/8" oak is attached to the metal framework with countersunk and plugged self-tapping screws. In the second photo, you can see the spacing of the doors and wood framework stiles. To help seal the lower storage area from dust or spills, plywood is screwed to 1/2X1/2" angle iron which was caulked and painted with an oil base paint (yellow surfaces).

    Also, below the center folding doors is a long thin shelf made of 2X2 by 1/4" thick angle iron. It supports thick Masonite covers I use for the workbench Maple, Oak, and Walnut 2" thick tops when I'm working on heavy or greasy metal projects. When finished, they simply slide under and out of the way.

    The "T-Shaped" length of 8ft. by 38" wide with the top of the "T" being 6'-6" by 36" wide. A 6'-6" tool tray is 12" wide and 5" deep. Total length of the mobile workbench is 12' and is on 6" casters that have brakes. Total cost of the finished workbench, including all the two "Twin Screw" wood-jaw vise-kits, was $850.00.

    Question: After seeing so many hits on this post, I'm asking for MORE of you to let me know what you think of the "T-Shape" design, too.


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