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Thread: Alum welding

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    Default Alum welding

    Here's a pic of a hydro trans I repaired a couple weeks ago. It was cracked around the drain plug. I have only been learning to TIG for about 3 years now and almost all on aluminum. Almost all the repairs I make are on this type of equipment. Nasty, oil filled, been in salt water or cast . I never really get to fabricate anything out of "new" aluminum so I think the learning curve may have been harder. I didn't know if anybody had any advice on getting the welds to look nicer. The welds I make always have held as this trans doesn't leak either...but.. Its not as nice looking as I would like it to be.

    So, any thoughts are appreciated
    ps: I just noticed that brown mark on the weld is a piece of grass ha ha ha. This machine has been used since I repaired it and is now back for a mounting bracket broke off but its steel. some people pretty rough on equipment
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