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Defenetly would be great to have dynasty 250 but I guess Miller has its own reasons.
my first Miller tig was Diversion 160 and with 20% helium mixed with argon I was blasting 1/4 aluminum with no problem putting little buddy into the limit without paying atencion to duty cycle many time.
I sold it about year ago to buddy of mine and little Diversion is still working with no problems at all.
After Diversion I got Syncrowave 200 good working horse but it didnt gave me nothing that little Diversion didnt...
Im getting Dynasty 200dx tomorrow with cooler and all gagets needed, I didnt have extra $ to spend on 350dx and Im not sure how often I'll weld thicker than 1/4 aluminum and if I do I'll add up some helium and I believe with no problem I'll reach about those 250A with it that some of us whine about...
So lets dont forget how Miller is been good to us by giving us best machines on the market period and not to talk about great customer service... no doubt no one is perfect but these guys are pretty **** close!
I know one thing and that is that I will always buy Miller and always wave their flag, Thank you Guys and merry Christmas and happy holidays.
Amen to that. You are going to love your 200DX.