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    Quote Originally Posted by iliyahamovic View Post
    Defenetly would be great to have dynasty 250 but I guess Miller has its own reasons.
    my first Miller tig was Diversion 160 and with 20% helium mixed with argon I was blasting 1/4 aluminum with no problem putting little buddy into the limit without paying atencion to duty cycle many time.
    I sold it about year ago to buddy of mine and little Diversion is still working with no problems at all.
    After Diversion I got Syncrowave 200 good working horse but it didnt gave me nothing that little Diversion didnt...
    Im getting Dynasty 200dx tomorrow with cooler and all gagets needed, I didnt have extra $ to spend on 350dx and Im not sure how often I'll weld thicker than 1/4 aluminum and if I do I'll add up some helium and I believe with no problem I'll reach about those 250A with it that some of us whine about...
    So lets dont forget how Miller is been good to us by giving us best machines on the market period and not to talk about great customer service... no doubt no one is perfect but these guys are pretty **** close!
    I know one thing and that is that I will always buy Miller and always wave their flag, Thank you Guys and merry Christmas and happy holidays.
    Amen to that. You are going to love your 200DX.
    Nothing welded, Nothing gained

    Miller Dynasty700DX
    3 ea. Miller Dynasty350DX
    Miller Dynasty200DX
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    MillerMatic200 with spoolgun
    Lincoln SP-170T
    Linde UCC305 (sold 2011)
    Hypertherm 1250
    Hypertherm 800
    PlasmaCam CNC cutter
    Fadal Toolroom CNC Mill
    SiberHegner CNC Mill
    2 ea. Bridgeport
    LeBlond 15" Lathe
    Haberle 18" Cold Saw
    Doringer 14" Cold Saw
    6 foot x 12 foot Mojave granite

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    I sold my 300 in order to purchase the 350.

    Don't regret it at all. The waveforms are very nice to have, I can justify the price difference.

    Now granted all I do is aluminum, and with the 300 out of warranty, 50 more amps, extra waveforms and EN/EP adjustability it was a no-brainer.

    Like I said, I use it just about every day and love it.

    Kinda see this like the wireless pedal, some may/may not need it. However once you use them, your mind just may change... I sure don't miss kicking that cord around
    Two Dynasty 350's with Wireless pedals
    Victor O/A
    Profax 250 weld positioner
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    Logan Turret lathe
    RMD tubing bender
    Enco vertical saw
    Baileigh Auto cold saw
    IR 80 Gal dual stage compressor
    Misc Fab equipment

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