OK, so by now everyone on the board is aware that Engloid needs to recommend for purchase some machines for his employer. We've heard it now several times and Miller reading this board is aware of it. People on the board also are in agreement about the 'hole' that the missing 300DX has created. So now what? How many machines do you need to recommend for purchase? 12,25,50? That is still small potatoes for a corporation the size of ITW. They will tell you that all of their customers matter---but like any company, some customers matter a lot more than others. Miller works with users to develop products that meet the requirements of that particular niche. Think of the Aerowave--a truly special purpose machine. If you are serious about your concerns for this 'hole' in the tig lineup, then you need to explore other avenues which will have far greater impact than this messageboard. Put together a reasoned and sound explanation of your concerns and needs, quantify to the best of your ability the scope of impact that missing the 300dx has on your business as well as others like yours, and then finally arrange a meeting with Miller's GTAW marketing and development groups, and have a discussion. It's all about dollars and cents. If there is a need and enough money to be made, then they will go for it.