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Thread: Syncrowave 300

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    Default Syncrowave 300

    i am new to miller welding forums and i have a question that i am sure some of you can answer for me. I have found an older miller syncrowave 300 tig welder that is said to "be wired for 440 volts".....can that voltage be changed back to 230-240 volts. I believe it is a single phase welder. Also, is this welder any good? Any info will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    My guess is yes, it can be converted back to 240V operation by setting the tabs (jumpers).

    For verification, you may want to go to the resources tab above and download the Owner's Manual for that machine.

    My buddy's been using a Sync 300 for about 25 years with little/no problems. Big old hunking transformer welder that's near bulletproof.
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