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    Quote Originally Posted by garybdavis View Post
    So how do you know when a 7018 rod has gone bad? I mean, if it isn't stored properly and you start to weld with it, what are the signs to look for?

    I use mainlly 6010 and keep them in rod guard cases. I guess I've never seen one go bad - or perhaps I thought it was just my welding that s*u*c*k*e*d.
    Old 7018 will have a harder time keeping an arc it will wander a bit as the density of the flux changes the arc can "escape" out the side. The big concern with keeping 7018 "dry" is for those welding to code and those that will be inspected. For building a farm trailer of for general farm repairs just but it in small amounts and keep it in air/water tight containers and all will be fine.


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    What I've done is taken out whats going to be used and left the rest in the can and the can stored in a cool dry place.
    I also wouldnt worry about the oven unless code work is going to be done to some; or any degree.
    Some 70 grade or higher mig wire should be fine also.
    6010 on this job for me would be over-kill 6013-7014 can get the job done for you to and the rods will be less than that beautiful 7018

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