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    Quote Originally Posted by dabar39 View Post
    I do the same as some of these guy's with a 40 tpi or higher circular saw blade. A friend of mine does aluminum hurricane shutters and he says they use a skill saw with the blade turning backwards to reduce the ripping and jagged edge on light gauge stuff like you are working with, never heard of this before so now I got to try it to see if he is pulling my leg. Dave
    Oh yeah Dave, it does work but is very noisy, we use that backwards method for cutting metal sheeting for a metal bldg. expansion on the place, using a used up carbide blade, however don't remember it being such a cute cut.
    There are metal blades on the market for wood circle saws, I think MetalD*vil is one, might research on Weld Take board, seems like that was discussed sometime back.
    If you have quiet a bit to cut might consider a true metal circle like the Evolution 230 Extreme as I have, tis a 9", but they are pricey.
    Good Luck

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    Thanks to everyone for all of the great info!


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