fun4now, you ask how I compete, well fact of the matter is I don't even try.

I live and work in a relatively small town, with no real industry to speak of. There is only one other trailer builder in this area and he focuses on the enclosed trailers. I can't come any where close to the prices of the big guys' , but I don't worry much about that. If a customer tells me he can get a trailer I'm offering for 1600.00 in Georgia for 1100.00 I tell them to go right ahead. I also tell them to factor in the travel time and expenses and their bargain isn't such a bargain any more. Another thing in my favor is that I build each trailer to order and can easily make modifications to the buyers needs. In other words each and every trailer is a custom build to some degree, and my customers seem to appreciate the ability to have what they want built over settling for what the other guys have pre built on there lots. As for the price of materials, I spend untold amounts of time on the computer looking for vendors who are willing to compete and gain my business. If you build one at a time the price per trailer build averages about 600.00 in materials, if I order for 5 or 6 at a time the price per build goes down to about 400.00 for materials. It baffles me every day how prices fluctuate so much for each demogrphic area, for example I get my steel through a vendor who has to travel over 100 miles for about a third less than the local guys and also I get all my trailer parts from Arkansas cheaper (with shipping included) than I can from the big guys in the area. In fact if any one needs to get trailer parts let me know and I will pass my vendors info to them. Dave