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    Default Fender brace, 1st milling project

    If Bulldog is still around, he will get a kick out of this one.
    I finally got my turn tables mounted and most of my tooling issues straitened out. The first pic is a drawing of the piece.
    Second pic is making new jaws for the vice to compensate for the base that is worn off square and the excessive jaw lift when its tightened.
    The next pics are just the order of progress. I squared the sides, flattened the face with the fly-cutter then squared the ends.

    Now I'm debating how to continue now that the plates are flat,true and parallel. My plan of attack is to cut the to the widest length and width detentions, then drill and tap the bolt holes.( the bolt holes are not clearly marked on the drawing but I'm sure you can figure out where they are.) Next will be to drill the 1.625" hole with the boring bar, then put it on the rotary table to shape the outside dimensions and last I will cut the slot in the clamps.

    If anyone sees a problem with my plan, please let me know. This is my first project.
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    To all who contribute to this board.
    My sincere thanks , Pete.

    Pureox OA
    Westinghouse 300 amp AC stick
    Miller Syncrowave 250
    Hexacon 250 watt solder iron

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