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    Default New here, and have a question

    Great site, I found it through searching for a few things. I've never welded a day in my life, but I recently bought a MIG welder and am now looking for a Plasma Cutter. The other night I seen one in the paper for $500, 40amp, but it's not available anymore. So I still have the same amount to purchase, maybe a bit more Anyways, does anyone know of any Canadian based sites selling Plasma Cutters?

    I have more questions, but I'll search through the other threads and try and answer them before I annoy everyone

    Thanks for any information,

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    collinsville, ok


    i can't help you with the plasma but, i can give my 2 cents.
    before i do that, i need to ask, are you trying to build something or are you wanting to learn to weld?

    if you are wanting to learn to weld, then i would say to get a torch set up. you can learn a bit just by watching the kerf and metal melting. it kind of gives you an idea of how metal acts when it's changing to a liquid form. in reality that is what you are doing when welding. except you are adding instead of removing. it also helps with hand eye coordination and to slow down and let the tools do the work. when cutting or welding you have to watch everything that's going on, otherwise you will have a grinder in your hand more than the stinger.
    i also would tell you to practice running beads on scrap and making "t" joints. when you build your first project you want pretty welds or you will never be happy with it.

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    I've wanted to learn for sometime now, just haven't gotten around to it. Now I have a few projects that require welds, and quite a bit of it. Also cutting, so this gives me an excuse to buy more tools Of course I'm going to learn on some scrap steel and not my projects, but I still need to learn

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