The trailer is working out pretty good. It tows nice, but with the time I spent calculating the center of gravity before I built it, I expected nothing less.

The tool box is home made, 14ga for the sides and 1/8" for the top with a 1/4" lid lip and 1x1x1/8" top lip inside the box. Hand blending the outside corner edges with diamond plate was a bit tricky, but it ended up looking pretty good. I made it bigger than I thought I would need and that turned out to be the right choice. I have it pretty well stuffed, but I don't have to go looking for tools when I go out to weld something. The gas springs for the lid were provided by a company that does the placement/sizing calculations for free. That detail is in the original post as is my contact info for cad/calcuation files.

The locks setup on the front of the box is a pretty standard setup for strong boxes. The only way you can get in is to pick the locks or use a cutting torch. If you need more detailed pics, send me an email which is available in the original post.

Thanks for all the kind comments.