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Actually, even then it wasn't correct. When AC welding, you are still using two hots from the secondary side of a transformer.

I'll have to research to find out why "ground" became a common term, probably just because it was a clamp instead of what you held to do the job with.
Mac, let us know when you find out. I've notice around here everyone still calls it a ground. I was out at a large fabrication shop a few minutes ago buying a few small pieces of flats and while i was there one of the guys was installing a new work clamp and i said to him what you up to and he said "Installing a new ground clamp" *LOL* I wanted to take a survey while there but they looked way to busy and the owner probably wouldn't have appreciated me bothering them. In your part of the country do you hear very many call them ground clamps?
Thanks, Farris