Hello Everyone!

I have been MIG welding, with and without gas, for the past two years. However, actual welding time in those two years has been pretty minimal. What I have learned is mostly from reading, and then trying to apply what I read. I've had mixed results, but I feel I'm improving with each project, practice session, or actual repair attempted. I'm definitely still a "beginner" at this!

I have not yet built a welding table for my shop. I am still finishing the inside of the shop with insulation, plywood, etc. and then need to move equipment to their final spots, wire them up etc., etc.

So in the mean time, is it possible/practical/safe, to weld on a wooden bench topped with fireplace type bricks? Since the table I would be working on would not be grounded, am I putting my self at risk for electrocution and how? Thank you all for your assistance.