Well said everyone!!!!!! I couldn't agree more!!!!
I'm still new, only been in 11/2 years in the Union. As an apprentice, I'm been doing glass work on the new high rises in Waikiki. Job is almost pau (finished), so I'm waiting to see what kind of welding company I get to work for next. I'm at step 5, so I will be expected to know a lot...NOT!!! I'm sure I'll be chewed out constantly, something you will experience yourself...all- day-long....Hard to find journeyman that CAN actually teach!! Lot of them THINK they can, but have no idea what teaching is...My goal was 1 year to experience it. I have no problem working for a private compay, less pay, but I 'll learn a lot more welding...I have friends in other unions (pipefitters) and they LOVE IT. Lucky to have great bosses....try it out and good luck,